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Myprotein improves the taste and texture of its balanced Whole Fuel Blend

Myprotein Whole Fuel Blend

Whole Fuel Blend is a balanced meal replacement shake from Myprotein’s plant-based subbrand Myvegan, which has just been revamped for a new and improved version. The aim of the updated supplement is still very much the same, to provide fans and followers a nutritious and comprehensive nutrition profile exclusively from vegan-friendly whole food ingredients.

Some of the significant changes Myprotein and Myvegan have made to Whole Fuel Blend include a better taste and the addition of the ingredient golden milled flaxseed making for a thicker consistency. The macros on a serving of the improved supplement start with 24g of protein from pea and rice protein, 46g of carbohydrates primarily from oats, 12g of fat, and a calorie count of 400.

Myprotein has also maintained some of the extra features thrown into Whole Fuel Blend, with a full spectrum of added vitamins and minerals for health and wellness, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and probiotics providing a sizeable 15 billion CFUs to support gut health.

The new and improved Whole Fuel Blend already appears to be available from both Myprotein’s online store and Myvegan’s separate website, although the latter has it for slightly cheaper. At, you can get the updated meal replacement at £19.54 for a 1kg bag and £40.79 for a 2.5kg, in Unflavored and three actual flavors with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Salted Caramel.