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Nutrata’s Proto Crunch moves further into double digits with an 11th flavor

Nutrata Strawberry Proto Crunch

Match is Nutrata’s dual, wholefood-layered protein snack, recently released only a few months ago, but it’s far from the Brazilian brand’s first entry into functional food. It also has a product named Proto Crunch featuring a doughy center covered in crispy and crunchy pieces, all wrapped in chocolate, and it comes in a wide variety of flavors that has just been bumped up further into double digits.

Brazil’s Nutrata has released a fresh new flavor of its Proto Crunch protein bar this week, taking its menu up to an even more impressive total of 11, going alongside Cookies & Cream, Banana Cinnamon, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate. The newest addition to the Proto Crunch family is Strawberry with a white chocolate outer, providing 19g of protein, 22g of carbohydrates, 9.6g of fat, and 250 calories.

Eleven flavors is no small feat; it’s something we rarely see from functional food companies inside and outside of North America, so fans and followers of Nutrata are obviously enjoying Proto Crunch and have been rewarded with a refreshing new Strawberry experience.

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