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Brazil’s Nutrata debuts its wholefood-layered Match Protein Bar at the Arnold

Nutrata Protein Bar

Atlhetica Nutrition isn’t the only brand in Brazil launching an all-new snack at the country’s Arnold Classic this weekend. Another popular local company has done the same in Nutrata, which is introducing its tasty and colorful protein Match Protein Bar. The protein isn’t supremely high in the product, sitting at 12g, although it certainly looks like it makes up for all of that in taste.

Nutrata’s Match Protein Bar has that common doughy layer; however, it’s not along the base like we’re used to. The denser part of the product makes up half of the inside, while the other half, filling out the bottom, is a crumbly portion that is built of various wholesome foods that change from flavor to flavor.

In the Coconut flavor of the Match Protein Bar, Nutrata has a sweet and creamy coconut layer; in the Chocolate & Hazelnut flavor, it’s crunchy nuts and cacao nibs; and in the Peanut Candy flavor, it is all peanuts. As mentioned, the product provides 12g of protein per bar, mainly from milk and whey sources, 10 to 11g of carbohydrate with 4.7 to 6.8g of fat, and 114 to 136 calories.

To add to the already intriguing on-the-go product, Nutrata has made its Match Protein Bar a touch more comprehensive, infusing it with various vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness. The brand has indeed introduced the product at the Arnold Classic Brazil, and by the sounds of things, fans can expect to see it in stores shortly after this weekend.

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