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Pre-Workout gets a very different competitor from peanut powder brand PB2

Pb2 Plant Pre Workout

PB2 Foods is the functional company behind the well-known PB2 powdered nut butter, available in many different variants with peanut and cashew-based, organic, and even protein powder. The brand has introduced a different type of peanut butter powder this week, with something we haven’t seen before, where PB2 combines what it’s known for with the world of pre-workouts.

Plant Pre-Workout is PB2 Foods’ deeper dive into sports nutrition, where it brings together peanut butter powder, high-protein, and superfoods to support performance. Each serving of PB2’s Plant Pre-Workout has 10g of protein, thanks to its inclusion of the protein source brown rice protein, 9 to 11g of carbohydrates with 2 to 3g of that sugar and 3 to 4g fiber, 2 to 3.5g of fat, and 100 to 110 calories.

To turn Plant Pre-Workout into a pre-workout, PB2 Foods has included MCTs and a fruit, vegetable, and grain blend to power performance and endurance. The brand doesn’t list a weight for the blend, only the ingredients that make it up, which includes a source of caffeine.

Plant Pre-Workout’s pre-workout blend actually changes slightly between its two flavors; Raspberry and Tart Cherry. The blend in Raspberry consists of the fruits apple and raspberry, quinoa, beets, spinach, and coffeeberry. The Tart Cherry Plant Pre-Workout is similar, still featuring apple, beets, spinach, and coffeeberry, but also sweet potato, banana, and, to reinforce the flavor, tart cherry.

As far as pre-workouts go, PB2 Foods’ Plant Pre-Workout is certainly something different, beyond the usual fully-dosed list of common ingredients, but at the same time, it fits right in with what the brand is known for. The supplement or the hybrid peanut, protein, and pre-workout powder, isn’t available direct at just yet but sounds like it will be soon in a jar of 18 servings.