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Pear flavor comes to Clean Drink’s beverage made with “saved” fruit juice

Pear Clean Savd

Last week Swedish functional brand Clean Drink dropped a new flavor for its flagship beverage, which features a combination of 2.5g of BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, and 180mg of caffeine. The latest addition to its menu is a straightforward Watermelon, and now, about a week later, Clean Drink is back with another flavor extension, but this time for its other functional drink, Clean Sav:D.

Clean Sav:D is a beverage from Clean Drink made with fruit juice from rescued or “saved” fruit that would typically be thrown out. It has a similar set of ingredients to the brand’s original product, in vitamins, minerals, and a smooth 105mg of natural caffeine from guarana. Clean Sav:D doesn’t have as many flavors as Clean Drink’s main beverage, but this week it is one closer.

Going alongside its already available Raspberry, Strawberry Lime, Apple, Peach, Baked Apple & Ginger is a popular taste and fruit in Sweden with Pear. The product is already out and available from major sports nutrition retailers in the brand’s home country, including the always reliable Proteinbolaget, where a can of Clean Sav:D is 25 kr, and a case of 24 is 389 Kr (36.61 USD).