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Pear and star fruit seamlessly come together in NOCCO’s Pearade flavor of Focus

Pearade Nocco Focus

NOCCO Focus is an energy drink from the Sweden-based No Carbs Company, better known as NOCCO, which features vitamins, minerals, and 180mg of caffeine to drive energy, just like the brand’s flagship energy drink. The key difference is, unlike that product, Focus doesn’t have any added amino acids; it’s more purely for energy and focus, all from that sizeable dose of caffeine.

The selection of flavors available for NOCCO Focus is another key difference compared to any of the brand’s other beverages, as it has its own set of options, including Cola, Raspberry, and the New Year’s-released Ramonade. The internationally distributed functional drink company has just announced the fourth flavor of NOCCO Focus, introducing the two-part taste, Pearade.

While the name of Pearade NOCCO Focus does make it sound like an exclusively pear-flavored product, it is actually a combination of two fruits in pear and star fruit. The newest Focus flavor seems to be making its way out to shelves shortly, if not already, featuring all of the beverage’s usual highlights in vitamins, minerals, 180mg of caffeine, and it keeps things clean with absolutely no sugar.

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