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Tropical Pineapple coming to Raw Pre Extreme sometime next week

Pineapple Raw Pre Extreme

Next week Raw Nutrition is launching another flavor extension after its flurry of flavor drops over the past few months. For those that haven’t been following, the brand has been adding options all over the place with Green Crush Thavage, Caramel Macchiato Raw Protein, Island Slushie Raw EAA, Chocolate Peanut Butter Itholate, and Vaughn Walker’s collaboration, Sour As F*** for the pre-workout Raw Pre.

Something you’ll notice from that list is that Raw Nutrition has been rolling out flavors for a variety of different supplements, not just focusing on one or two specifically. As mentioned, the brand is releasing another new flavor next week, and it is for another separate product. As we move into September, Raw is turning its attention to the more stimulant-heavy Raw Pre Extreme and adding a tropical Pineapple option.

Once again, Raw Nutrition is dropping its Pineapple Raw Pre Extreme sometime next week, presumably through its official online store, where a standard tub of the pre-workout will cost you a reasonable $32.99.