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Real Good introduces protein-packed General Tso’s and Orange Chicken

Real Good Foods Asian Chicken

Real Good Foods recently turned a lot of heads with its innovative twist on the classic chicken nugget and chicken strip with high protein, low carbohydrate versions. The creative, healthy, and reliably delicious brand has followed that with something similar this week, introducing another Real Good bite-sized chicken product with Asian Chicken in Orange Chicken and General Tso’s flavors.

Both of Real Good Foods’ latest real food products are bags of bite-sized chicken pieces that are breaded in chickpea flour and whey protein, like its chicken nuggets and strips. The brand has also put its own spin on the flavors of each of the items, with the tangy orange sauce in Orange Chicken and the sweet and mild chili sauce in General Tso’s made with monk fruit and erythritol to keep the calories low.

Real Good Foods Asian Chicken

The nutrition profiles on Real Good Foods’ Asian Chicken are the same for both options, Orange Chicken and General Tso’s, and like with all of its products, the macros are impressively clean. The enjoyable, functional food packs 21g of protein in a 140g serving, 5g of net carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 6g of fat, and 160 calories, giving you room to put down two servings and still stay clean.

Every bag of Real Good Foods protein-packed and low carbohydrate Orange Chicken and General Tso’s comes with a pound of chicken, which works out to about four servings. You can already head to the brand’s online store and purchase the product at a very reasonable $9.99, and as per usual, if you order over $89 directly from, you’ll get everything shipped (domestic) for free.