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Real Good turns chicken nuggets into a high protein and low carb food

Real Good Foods Chicken Nuggets

Real Good Foods is a creative, functional company that takes familiar foods and meals and turns them into delicious, healthy, protein-packed, and low-carbohydrate alternatives. We’ve been following the brand for years and have enjoyed each of the products it’s rolled out, from its original chicken breast-base pizza to its recently released and fan-decided Crispy Chicken Shell Tacos.

Real Good Foods has done it once again in its latest creation, taking a food almost everyone should know of and turning it into a healthy high-protein meal. Now available from the functional food company are Real Good versions of Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips. Like the many other items it has on offer, the chicken nuggets and strips are packed full of protein and low in carbohydrates.

The nutrition profiles of Real Good Foods Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips are essentially the same, with a sizeable 4oz serving providing a strong 23g of protein, 6 to 7g of fat, 4 to 5g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, and 170 calories. Those numbers are a far cry from your traditional chicken nugget or strip, and they’re achieved by the brand breading chicken breast in whey protein and chickpea flour, resulting in the clean macros you see.

We’ve tried many different Real Good Foods products and have enjoyed every single serving, and we can’t imagine these will be any different. In fact, with chicken nuggets being such a popular food, we can almost guarantee the brand will do them justice. You can purchase the high-protein Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips from the Real Good website in large 1.4lb bags for $11.99 each.