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Skinny Food previews a bunch of new products including a low-sugar bubbly chocolate bar

Skinny Food Chocaholic Series Extension

Fresh off the launch of its low-sugar spin on chocolate buttons with Chocaholic Buttons, The Skinny Food Co has previewed a whole bunch of new additions coming soon to the Chocaholic family. You can get a good look at those upcoming items in the image above, with a total of eight all-new products continuing that Chocaholic theme of having low sugar.

The Skinny Food Co has shared the first look at Chocaholic Drops, crunchy Chocaholic Malt Balls, and chocolate-covered nuts in peanut, cashew, and almond versions. The other three items are delicious low-sugar candy bars with the Chocaholic Smooth Bar, Chocaholic Crispy Bar, and the seemingly light Aero-like snack, the Chocaholic Bubble Bar.

The Skinny Food Co has always been a fun brand to follow when it comes to creative releases and unique innovations, and this latest lot of products is no different. We’re excited to get more information and a closer look at each of the functional foods, but the preview is well worth bringing some attention to and will undoubtedly keep fans glued to their inbox.