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Thavage Legend Pre-Workout Review: Synergistic powerhouse to push your limits

Thavage Legend Review

Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is a powerhouse supplement put together by the original lifestyle brand Ghost, and the competing and fast-growing sports nutrition brand Raw Nutrition. It is a significant collaboration between two top-tier supplement companies, and we were fortunate enough to be sent a tub, which we’ve been running and comparing over the past few weeks.

The formula behind Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is essentially a combination of each respective brand’s premier pre-workout, Ghost Legend and Thavage. The product is jam-packaged full of highlights with 6g of pure citrulline from regular citrulline and NO3-T citrulline nitrate, 100mg of NeuroFactor, 2g of tyrosine, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 305mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate.

Thavage Legend Review


As good as Thavage Legend Pre-Workout looks on paper, it performs even better in the gym. The Ghost and Raw Nutrition collaboration is one of those rare formulas where everything seems to come together and amplify one another for an addictively powerful experience. It is better than both of the respective brand’s pre-workouts and beats out many of its competitors.

While there is 305mg of caffeine in a maximum two-scoop serving of Thavage Legend Pre-Workout, it is felt much more than you’d expect, more in line with our experience at 400mg. You will get a kick from this, both physically and mentally, having you in the zone and focused on the workout in front of you, and providing you every bit of energy necessary to push you to your limits.

Thavage Legend Review

As mentioned, the energy and focus you get from Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is more in line with a pre-workout packing 400mg of caffeine. What’s even more impressive is the energy doesn’t really die down. You’ll find you have the ability to just keep going, and as exhausted as you feel after each set, that promptly disappears. The weights and reps also continue to match or exceed your bests, thanks to the performance side of Thavage Legend Pre-Workout.

The elevated performance of the pre-workout, where you’re simply stronger and able to turn out more weight and reps, is the star effect for us. There wasn’t a workout we used Thavage Legend Pre-Workout where we didn’t do an extra few top or failure sets purely because it felt as though there was more in the tank. Even when you push to a familiar maximum, you won’t feel as taxed with Thavage Legend, hence the drive and desire to do more.

Thavage Legend Review

The only knock for us in Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is the muscle pumps. There was never a moment we had overly enhanced fullness or density, or any sort of pump that didn’t feel achievable without the supplement. With that said, once you get to know the product’s synergistic blend of strong energy, elevated focus, and noticeably better performance, you’ll figure out workouts where those benefits can shine.

We did experiment with having heaping scoops as opposed to rounded, which gets the right serving weight and obviously bumps up all of the dosages in Thavage Legend Pre-Workout. For us, that didn’t make any difference to the performance or pumps; it does, however, elevate the focus and bring up that energy kick a noticeable amount, helping set an even more intense tone for your workout.

Thavage Legend Review


If you’re a fan of other powerhouse performance-driving pre-workouts like Apollon Nutrition’s Lionheart and RYSE Godzilla Pre-Workout, Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is worth grabbing. Plain and simple, the supplement will make you work, and once you get in the gym and get going, your own results and performance will drive you to force even more out of you.

One other point about Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is the price, and this is not something we usually highlight, but it is worth mentioning here. The cost of Thavage Legend is $49.99, and that is before any discount. Ghost regularly gives fans 20% off using its coupon “LEGEND”, which if that can be applied, brings it down to $40, although even at $50 for 20 full servings, it is a small price to pay for the addictive experience.