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Hard-hitting Yeti and Ibiza Juice get two new flavors each including a collab

Ultimate Lemonade Yeti Juice

Gorilla Alpha in the UK is known for its intense, high-powered, stimulant-heavy pre-workout Yeti Juice and the premium and more powerful alternative, Ibiza Juice. It is a special week for fans and followers of the growing sports nutrition brand, as it has dropped a total of four new flavor options, two each for those reputable pre-workouts we just mentioned, Yeti Juice and Ibiza Juice.

Now available for Gorilla Alpha’s Yeti Juice pre-workout is Ultimate Lemonade and a limited Bubble Gum Blast which is actually a collaboration put together with the science fiction fitness NFT collection, Meta Muscle League. As for the brand’s more intense pre-workout Ibiza Juice, as mentioned, that’s also landed two more flavors to choose from, in Soda Pop and Peach Daiquiri.

All four of those new products are in stock and available for purchase straight from Gorilla Alpha’s online store, where Jeti Juice carries a regular price of £35.99 (42.57 USD), and the hard-hitting Ibiza Juice is slightly more expensive at £39.99 (47.31 USD).