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G Fuel gets with Rick and Morty for a strawberry limeade flavor called Unstable Portal Fluid

Unstable Portal Fluid G Fuel

It wouldn’t be a week without some excitement from the leader of the gaming category, G Fuel, and it has come through once again right on the first day. The creative company has announced yet another authentic collaboration where it’s teamed up with the animated sitcom Rick and Morty, which is similar to some of the partnerships we’ve seen from G Fuel previously.

As mentioned, Rick and Morty is a popular animated sitcom specifically geared toward adults, first airing in 2013 and is still running today, with the sixth season premiering next month. Rick and Morty revolves around the titular characters, the scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith, and those are the two you see on the front of G Fuel’s collaboration with the show.

The gaming supplement company and Rick and Morty have come together and created a flavor called Unstable Portal Fluid, which is a sweet and juicy strawberry limeade experience. The product is launching through G Fuel’s official online store at in the first week of next month in tubs and a limited edition Collector’s Box with a tub and a matching shaker bottle.

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