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VMI gets back into creatine with a cost-effective bulk tub of creatine monohydrate

Vmi Sports Creatine

VMI Sports has been in the creatine category before with SMART Creatine, featuring a slightly more complex and advanced formula to increase muscle strength and size. The supplement brought together three sources of creatine in creatine pyruvate, citrate, and MagnaPower magnesium creatine chelate, all included at 1.2g each, combining for a total of 3.6g per serving.

There is a new creatine supplement out and available from VMI Sports, and this one takes a much simpler, standalone approach, with a bulk tub of unflavored, tried and true creatine monohydrate. The product features the muscle strength and size ingredient at it a full dose of 5g per serving, and it comes in two large, cost-effective tub sizes with a 60 serving and an almost double 100 serving.

Only one of the two sizes of VMI Sports’ aptly named Creatine is available straight from its online store, with the smaller 300g, 60 serving at $29.99. The half-kilogram alternative is expected to join shortly and considering it’s almost twice the size; it’ll likely be the more cost-effective of the supplement’s two options.

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