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Get cans of 3D Energy for just $1.20 each in its exclusive Sam’s Club variety pack

3d Energy Drink At Sams Club

If you’re like us and are a big fan of 3D Energy, which still holds a place on our list of top five best-tasting energy drinks, we have some exciting news this week, especially if you want to save some money. Over the years, the great-tasting beverage has exploded its list of flavors, from the original Frost, Berry Blue, and Candy Punch to now 12 different options, and it’s grown distribution just as strongly.

3D Energy has added a new name to the variety of places you can purchase its signature energy drink, and not only is it by way of an exclusive bundle but at an incomparable price. 3D Energy has officially launched at the membership retailer Sam’s Club with a bulk, 15-can variety pack that comes with five cans each of the original Frost and Berry Blue flavors, and five of the more recent Liberty Pop.

As mentioned, the other highlight of 3D Energy’s variety pack at Sam’s Club is its price, as it destroys what you’d pay at the likes of Campus Protein, GNC, and even the brand’s own online store. The cost of Sam’s Club’s exclusive 15-can 3D Energy bundle is $17.98, which is $1.20 a drink and 42% cheaper per can than the likes of GNC, with the only downside being that you get those three flavors mentioned.

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