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Alpha Lion aims for more intensity and focus in its all-new Superhuman Extreme

Alpha Lion Reformulated Superhuman Extreme Coming

In the first half of the year, Alpha Lion did something it had never done before in its consistent Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, and that was introduce completely new supplements as limited edition launches. Firstly we got the spin-off Superhuman Burn Stim-Free, then the performance-supporting Superhuman Sport, and next month the reputable brand is looking to do the same again.

In October, as a part of its incredibly long-running and reliable Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, Alpha Lion is rolling out an all-new version of its more intense stimulant pre-workout Superhuman Extreme. We don’t know much right now, but as we’ve seen in the brand’s other revamps since reputable formulator Drew Peters came on board, it is known to make significant shifts and changes.

Alpha Lion has said the primary goal of the renewed Superhuman Extreme pre-workout is to put a bigger emphasis on the intensity and mental focus side of the supplement, which is more than enough to get us excited. We’re still a couple of weeks away from the brand dropping the reformulated pre-workout, although we’ll probably be getting more details in the lead-up to the launch.