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Apollon and Review Bros reveal their special edition Hooligan collaboration

Apollon Nutrition X Review Bros Hooligans

During its 2021 performance, on the way to winning Brand Of The Year, Apollon Nutrition released its first non-ambassador collaboration, partnering with the supplement deal website and reviewer Fitness Deal News. The two created a special edition flavor of the high-powered pre-workout Assassin, and for 2022, the hardcore powerhouse is looking to do the same again but with another supplement reviewer.

Apollon Nutrition and the reputable review duo, Review Bros, have come together for a special edition version of the more balanced, well-rounded, but still high-energy pre-workout, Hooligan. The product has had its name tweaked slightly, being called Hooligans, or Hooligans Green Street Edition, and with the Review Bros being from the UK, the supplement’s label design incorporates the nation’s iconic flag.

Apollon Nutrition and Review Bros have revealed Hooligans Green Street Edition will have some changes to the formula, similar to other special edition versions we’ve seen from the brand, although we don’t yet know what those changes involve. The actual flavor of the product will be a completely new recipe in Blackberry Lime, and to top it off, the pre-workout is launching next week at this year’s Arnold UK.

As impressive of a year as Apollon Nutrition had in 2021, it is repeating everything and more in 2022, pumping out many all-new supplements, improved versions of already available products, flavor extensions, and more. The Hooligans collaboration with Review Bros is another strong effort from the hardcore supplement company, and we genuinely look forward to seeing the tweaks in the formula.