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Apple Cider flavor coming to Ghost’s great tasting Greens in exactly two weeks

Apple Cider Ghost Greens

The last time we saw a new flavor for Ghost’s incredibly great-tasting superfood supplement Ghost Greens was its collaboration with ambassador Ally Besse from the beginning of last year. The two came together to create a Passionfruit flavor, although that was only around for a short period of time. Later this month, fans of the original lifestyle brand are finally getting another new experience for Ghost Greens.

Launching in exactly two weeks is an Apple Cider Ghost Greens featuring that same advanced superfood formula, including greens, reds, the premium Spectra blend, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. The brand has confirmed its Ghost Greens flavor extension will be a global launch, meaning you’ll be able to purchase it through all of its online stores, such as for the US and for Australia.

When Apple Cider Ghost Greens goes live, you’ll be able to pick it up directly from one of the brand’s websites, where those in America pay $44.99 for a tub of 30 servings, or throw in the ongoing coupon code “LEGEND” and get 20% off, bringing Greens down to a much better $36.