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GNC’s Kenneth Huntly drops in for an interview about Beyond Raw and its premium Concept X

Beyond Raw Podcast Interview

On this week’s interview episode of the Stack3d Supplement Podcast, we brought on a very special guest in, Kenneth Huntly, from the sports nutrition giant GNC. He was invited on to specifically talk about the premium and reputable GNC exclusive brand Beyond Raw, which made a massive amount of noise not that long ago with its powerhouse pre-workout Concept X.

GNC’s Kenneth Huntly talked through a brief history of Beyond Raw, including a bit about the supplements it started with, its entry into the world of energy drinks with Lit On-The-Go, and how successful its Jolly Rancher collaboration has been. Another key topic of the interview was, of course, the pre-workout Concept X, where we got into the approach and idea behind it.

Being that we had never had someone from GNC on the Stack3d Supplement Podcast before, it was great to have Kenneth Huntly stop by and sit down for an intriguing 30-minute episode talking about the hit brand and Concept X. You can catch the full interview on all fo the usual podcast listening platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Soundcloud.