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Black Market promises to go deeper into gaming if Game proves successful

Black Market Game

Black Market did something very different this year, releasing a completely new supplement that isn’t sports nutrition related or, more importantly, for the pre-workout category, which is what it specializes in. Black Market Game is an all-out energy and focus product built from the ground up by the underground supplement company, and it is specifically for gamers.

Game has been available for a little more than a month, and Black Market is putting a lot of effort into getting it out to its current followers as well as to new fans that find the product and its benefits appealing. Like all brands and releases, Black Market is hoping Game finds great success and becomes a hit, and if it does, it doesn’t plan on stopping there.

Brysen Duncan, the founder of Black Market, has come out and said that if Game grows as planned, the brand known for pre-workouts like Bulk, Cuts, and AdreNOlyn, will go much deeper into the space. That could mean more energy and focus products, similar but slightly different from Game, or other types of supplements gamers may find useful, such as an energy drink or a quick and comprehensive meal replacement.

Stepping outside of something a brand has built its name on is huge, and that is what Black Market did with Game. In saying that, the supplement was built by gamers, which includes Brysen Duncan himself, so the world isn’t completely foreign. We’d definitely like to see Black Market go deeper into the space and see what innovations it could bring to gaming.

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