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Bodylab changes the superfoods from flavor to flavor in its nutritious Protein Smoothie

Bodylab Protein Smoothie

Bodylab in Denmark has all different types of sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements; many of them are macro-focused with things like protein powders, meal replacements, and mass gainers. The consistently busy brand has something for the type of product in the middle of that list this week, introducing the clean, nutritious, balanced, and superfood-filled Protein Smoothie.

Bodylab’s Protein Smoothie is a great source of nutrition, providing 12g of protein per serving from whey concentrate and skimmed milk, an almost even 11g of carbohydrates primarily from oat flour, a light 1.4g of fat, and a lean 105 calories. As mentioned, the brand has also packed in superfood ingredients for general health and wellness, and they vary across each of the three flavors.

The Berry flavor of Protein Smoothie from Bodylab combines those nutritious ingredients highlighted above with blackcurrant, strawberry, and blueberry; Fruity has mango, peach, and pineapple; then finally, Greenie goes the vegetable route with spinach, chlorella, apple, and mango.

Protein Smoothie is essentially what it says in its name, featuring ingredients you’d typically throw into a smoothie, although Bodylab has skipped a few steps and put it all into a convenient powder supplement. A full-size bag of Protein Smoothie is available directly from the brand’s online store at DKK 129 (17.31 USD), with discounts on bulk amounts such as three at DKK 99 each.

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