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Strom turns CSN’s popular Buttered Pancake into a flavor of VelosiWhey

Buttered Pancake Velosiwhey

Retailer and brand Cardiff Sports Nutrition, more simply known as CSN, has quite an interesting collaboration in its lineup with the Caramel White Chocolate flavor of Cream Of Rice. The product was put together in partnership with the sports nutrition brand Strom Sports, as Caramel White Chocolate is a popular and tasty flavor from the menu of its Velositol-enhanced protein powder VelosiWhey.

CSN and Strom Sports have come together again for another collaboration, although this time, the concept is around the other way. Strom Sports has created a flavor based on a strong-selling option from CSN’s Cream Of Rice menu in Buttered Pancake. Strom has basically taken that Cream Of Rice flavor and applied it to VelosiWhey protein powder, and it promises a similar taste.

Strom Sports and CSN have not launched their latest collaboration yet; they only revealed it and said the product is coming sometime soon in the protein powder’s usual size of a 40-serving tub. The Buttered Pancake VelosiWhey will pack the supplement’s respectable 22g of protein from whey and casein per serving and a full 2.4g of patented Velositol to double the power of the protein.