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Prevail Rush adds Dynamine and increases the caffeine for its more intense experience

Cutler Nutrition Prevail Rush

Jay Cutler’s Cutler Nutrition has revealed and released its long-awaited and highly-anticipated second stimulant pre-workout in the more intense and stimulant-heavy Prevail Rush. The supplement is intended to be a step up from the brand’s original pre-workout Prevail regarding energy and focus, and judging by its formula on paper, it should indeed offer a heightened level of energy.

Cutler Nutrition’s Prevail Rush is not exactly an all-out, stimulant-driven pre-workout; it has many ingredients supporting other effects such as performance, endurance, and especially pumps. In combination with energy and focus components, Prevail Rush includes 4g of pure citrulline and 2g of NO3-T betaine nitrate to power pumps and 2g of the reliable beta-alanine for performance.

Cutler Nutrition Prevail Rush Label

The rest of the formula driving Prevail Rush is there for energy and focus, and you can see it all in the fully transparent facts panel in the image above. Like the regular Prevail, it contains 750mg each of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine and alpha-GPC, and slightly more theanine and theobromine at 75mg and 100mg, respectively.

Where the extra energy and focus are mostly going to come from in Cutler Nutrition’s more intense Prevail Rush is the caffeine and added Dynamine. The brand has included Dynamine at 100mg a serving, and the caffeine has been bumped up slightly to a combined 400mg from caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate, compared to the original Prevail’s combined 360mg.

Cutler Nutrition is now stocking its stronger, harder-hitting pre-workout Prevail Rush on its website, and it is a fair bit more expensive next to the regular and more balanced Prevail. While a 20-serving tub of Prevail is $34.99, Prevail Rush is $49.99 for the same size of 20 full servings, in Blue Razz and Cotton Candy Grape flavors. For a limited time, however, you can use the coupon “RUSH20” for 20% off, which brings Prevail Rush down to a more competitive $40.