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OxySleep becomes a collagen-based cocoa drink to help get you to sleep

Ehp Labs Oxysleep Collagen Cocoa

Sleep aid OxySleep has been a part of the EHP Labs lineup for several years, although for 2022, it has undergone some changes, giving it a different approach to the crucial nighttime window. The supplement has been transformed into OxySleep Collagen Cocoa, a delicious, chocolate-flavored beverage to take at night to help you get to sleep and get better quality sleep.

EHP Labs has packed OxySleep Collagen Cocoa with solid dosages of several common sleep and relaxation ingredients, including theanine, passionflower, chamomile, and ashwagandha. The significant shift with the product is mentioned in the name, as hair, skin, and nail health-supporting collagen is now a big part of the supplement at a respectable 5g a serving.

OxySleep Collagen Cocoa is nutritionally friendly, being almost completely sugar-free at 99%, with 40 calories a serving, most of which come from the protein-providing collagen. EHP Labs has already got the revamped nighttime supplement available through its Australian and US online stores with 30 serving tubs of OxySleep at $69.95 (46.74 USD) in the one Hot Cocoa flavor.