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Dedicated immunity supplement rolls out alongside ExtriFit’s beauty formula

Extrifit Imunmax

BeautyFuel was the first all-new supplement we had seen from the significant Czech brand Extrifit in some time, although it has not hit shelves alone. Alongside the collagen-based beauty product, Extrifit has introduced a dedicated immunity supplement by the name of Imun Max, bringing together a complex combination of ingredients, all to support and strengthen your immune system.

Extrifit’s Imun Max comes with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including, of course, the reliable antioxidant vitamin C at a solid gram in a full five capsule serving. You also get 50mcg of vitamin D, 10mg of zinc, and several other components to support immune health in ginseng, buckthorn, ginger root, 50mg of reishi, 200mg of oyster mushroom, 80mg of echinacea, and 50mg of curcumin.

As mentioned, everything in Imun Max has been included to support and strengthen your immune system, and as you can see, it packs some solid and respectable dosages. It is worth noting when using the product at its maximum five capsule serving, you’ll only get 18 servings from a bottle, although the label does list a three capsule serving, which at that amount would get you the usual 30 servings.