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Stackable pump pre-workout up next from Australia’s Red Dragon

Red Dragon Pump

These days it is common for sports nutrition brands to have two or even three competitors in the saturated pre-workout category. You typically get a mainstream, stimulant-powered offering, then a stim-free stackable supplement, and occasionally a more intense, higher-stim product. Red Dragon Nutritionals already had a regular and a high-powered pre-workout, now it’s getting ready to drop a stim-free supplement.

Announced this week and coming soon to the gradually growing Red Dragon Nutritionals’ catalog is a pre-workout built to increase and enhance muscle pumps and support mental focus without any stimulants. The product is named Dragon Pump, and the ingredients confirmed so far for the pump-powering pre-workout are 3g of citrulline malate and a gram of betaine anhydrous, although there are others in there.

As mentioned, Red Dragon Nutritionals is launching Dragon Pump shortly, in three flavors; Peach Hearts, Strawberry Burst, and a convenient Unflavored, which, of course, makes stacking easier. We’ll have more details on the supplement soon, and as far as we know, you will be able to stack this with the brand’s stimulant-based Dragon’s Breath and Dragon’s Breath Black for an even more complete workout.