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GCode reveals its creatine and Carb10 formula Juice for during or after your workout

Gcode Nutrition Juice Creatine

GCode Nutrition has gradually grown out its lineup over the years, starting with the original stimulant pre-workout Vice, and expanding into almost every other mainstream sports nutrition category. Up next for the popular brand is a supplement named Juice, designed for use during or after your workout to support strength, muscle size, recovery, and performance.

Juice is a creatine-based formula from GCode Nutrition, although, as mentioned, it is designed for use during and after your workout, so there is a little more to it than the tried and true strength and power ingredient. The brand has also packed the product with various fruit juice extracts, electrolytes for hydration, and essential amino acids for the recovery benefits, making for a reasonably comprehensive intra or post supplement.

The one other prominent feature of GCode Nutrition’s Juice creatine concoction is carbohydrates, and it’s not just any standard carb source either, like maltodextrin, dextrose, and so on. The brand has used premium pea-sourced carbohydrate Carb10, and it’s put 15g of the ingredient in each serving to fuel performance or support post-workout recovery.

It’s not often we see advanced approaches to the intra-workout, even rarer in post-workout, but that is what we have here with GCode Nutrition’s Juice. The product fills a few gaps in the brand’s lineup, being a creatine, performance-fueling intra-workout, and something for post-workout that can go alongside protein. The supplement will be available soon through GCode’s online store in a refreshing Macho Mango flavor.