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Nitro Surge Build is Jacked Factory’s original pre combined with CON-CRET and elevATP

Jacked Factory Nitro Surge Build

Nitro Surge is Jacked Factory’s mainstream pre-workout, competitively priced at $29.99 a tub before any discount, and it packs a solid formula for that sub $30 price tag. In its maximum serving, Nitro Surge has a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, 6g of pure citrulline, and 360mg of caffeine. The brand does have a spin-off available in the hybrid fat-burning pre-workout Nitro Surge Shred, and now there is another with Nitro Surge Build.

Jacked Factory’s Nitro Surge Build has all of the same great highlights as the original Nitro Surge, with a couple of new ingredients added to additionally support performance, strength, and power. Basically, everything that’s in Nitro Surge is in Nitro Surge Build minus 100mg of theobromine. That solid dose of citrulline is still in there to drive pumps and betaine remains at 2.5g; again, everything but the theobromine.

Jacked Factory Nitro Surge Build Label

The two ingredients Jacked Factory has added to Nitro Surge Build to give it those extra benefits and justify the “Build” part of its name includes the premium performance-powering elevATP at an effective 150mg. The other addition is CON-CRET creatine HCl, also at an effective amount of 2g per maximum serving. Together they further the pre-workout’s performance and power, alongside the energy, focus, and pump from the rest of the formula.

Nitro Surge Build is a solid addition to the Jacked Factory family and perfect for fans that use Nitro Surge and want more from their pre-workout to drive performance, or a convenient way to add creatine to their stack. The brand keeps the cost of adding CON-CRET creatine HCl and elevATP to Nitro Surge within reason, as you get the same amount of servings in Nitro Surge Build, and it’s just $5 more than the original.