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Jocko keeps the protein high and carbohydrates lean for the Jocko Molk RTD

Jocko Molk Protein Shake

Jocko Fuel’s on-the-go protein shake is making its way out to stores, with the reputable retailer The Vitamin Shoppe being one of the first to stock the product. The RTD is named after the brand’s protein powder in the Jocko Molk Protein Shake, and it features a reasonably lean nutrition profile led by a strong 30g of protein from a blend of milk concentrate and calcium caseinate.

The other macros fitting out Jocko Fuel’s Jocko Molk Protein Shake are a low 5g of carbohydrates, only 2g of that sugar, 4g of fat, and a reasonable calorie count of 180. If you scale a serving of the brand’s original Jocko Molk protein powder to the same amount of protein, the carbohydrates and calories aren’t far off, and the balance is very similar to others in the category.

We’ve said it a few times before, there aren’t all that many competitors in the ready-to-drink protein market, at least on the sports nutrition side, giving Jocko Fuel plenty of space to make a name for itself. As mentioned, the product has also launched at The Vitamin Shoppe, so it has a strong platform right out of the gate.

Jocko Fuel’s Jocko Molk Protein Shake is $39.99 for a case of 12 bottles from The Vitamin Shoppe, although there is a sale at the moment where you get a second case for half price, bringing the cost down to $2.50 a drink. There are three flavors to choose from for the undoubtedly tasty RTD in Chocolate, Vanilla, and a not-so-traditional Banana, all with around the same macros.