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Classic vanilla gets a twist in KOS’ limited edition Vanilla Bavarian Cream

Kos Vanilla Bavarian Cream Plant Protein

KOS has revealed and released a creative new flavor for its signature supplement; the vegan-friendly protein powder simply named Plant Protein. The brand does already have plenty of tastes to choose from for the product, including traditional options like Chocolate and Vanilla, and uncommon creations like Blueberry Muffin, with the latest from KOS falling somewhere in between all of that.

The newest flavor for KOS Plant Protein is described as vanilla with a twist, and if you like the sound of it, you’ll want to be quick as it’s only available for a limited time. The flavor creation is Vanilla Bavarian Cream, a rich and creamy vanilla experience, still packing the supplement’s lean nutrition profile. It has 20g of protein per serving, 5g of fat, 7g of carbohydrates with 4g of that sugar, and 150 calories.

You can grab KOS’ Vanilla Bavarian Cream Plant Protein straight from its online store, where there is only a limited amount of stock. The product costs $34.99 for a small 14-serving bag, although you can bring that down a bit by grabbing multiple bags with two at $31.49 each and three at $27.99 a piece.

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