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Prime puts a milligram more electrolytes in its sticks to literally one-up Liquid IV

Prime Hydration Sticks Vs Liquid Iv

Fresh off the launch of his convenient, stick-pack supplement version of the Prime Hydration beverage with Prime Hydration Sticks, Logan Paul has called out one of, if not the biggest hydration product out there in Liquid IV. He confidently compares the two supplements point by point, highlighting some of their distinct differences, such as Liquid IV’s 11g of sugar per stick versus Prime’s 2g, and their calories with 45 versus 25.

Other key points Logan Paul mentions are the ingredients you get in Prime Hydration Sticks but not in Liquid IV, with coconut water and BCAAs, although the brand doesn’t say how much of each of those you get per serving, which would be nice to know. The last comparison we have to bring up is the number of electrolytes you get in Prime’s stick pack supplement compared to Liquid IV, and this is more interesting than you’d think.

If you calculate the electrolytes in a Prime Hydration Stick, with 700mg of potassium, 40mg of sodium, 124mg of potassium, and 7mg of calcium, it comes to a grand total of 871mg. It turns out that number has meaning, as it is intended to be exactly 1mg more than the amount of electrolytes you get in a stick of Liquid IV and be a literal one-up on the competition.

There is proof of the intention, too, as if you check the total number of electrolytes in Logan Paul’s original Prime Hydration drink, it is slightly lower than the sticks, not by a lot, but it is lower. The stick pack supplement spin-off of Prime’s original beverage is available now through the retail giant Walmart, where you can get the product in Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, and Lemon Lime flavors at $8.98 for a box of six.

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