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Prime shows off Mahomes edition bottles in line with Super Bowl LVIII

Mahomes Prime Hydration Drink

Prime makes three special edition bottles for those at the top of its Fortnite leaderboard

Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks 1

Prime’s cold-activated Cherry Freeze flavor begins hitting shelves across the UK

Uk Version Of Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink

Prime confirms there are currently no plans to bring back its exclusive Pinata Colada

Pinata Colada Prime Hydration Drink

Walmart gets an exclusive special edition version of Prime’s color-changing cherry flavor

Walmart Edition Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink 1

Prime’s latest flavor creation is also available for its stick-pack supplement

Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Sticks

South Park centers around Logan LeDouche and his Cred sports drink in its latest special

South Park Not Suitable For Children

Cherry Freeze already showing up in stores including the likes of Kroger and Vitamin Shoppe

Where To Buy Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink

Prime announces its temperature-affected Cherry Freeze flavor launching in Walmart

Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink

Color-changing Cherry Freeze flavor of Prime shows up on social media and eBay

Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink Shows Up On Ebay

Prime makes a more traditional 40 serving tub version of its signature hydration product

Prime Hydration Powder Supplement

Prime calls out and compares the high calories of Red Bull againt the Prime Energy Drink

Prime Energy Drink Calls Out Red Bull Directly