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Max Protein adds a Cheddar and Pepperoni flavor to its creative cheesy condiment

Max Protein Cheddar Pepperoni True Flavors

Max Protein in Spain introduced a rather intriguing product not that long ago with the cheesy condiment True Flavors. It’s a flavoring powder or seasoning that you sprinkle in or on food for the desired flavor. The creative company launched True Flavors in three options to start with Cheddar Nachos, Cheddar Bacon, and the spicy Cheddar Jalapeño.

Five months later, Max Protein is adding to the menu of True Flavors, rolling out another cheesy creation with Cheddar and Pepperoni. Like the other options on the product’s menu, it aims to deliver the flavor experience in its name with minimal nutrition. A 5g sprinkle of the new release has half a gram of protein, 2.8g of carbohydrates, and 16 calories.

Max Protein’s Cheddar and Pepperoni True Flavors is out now in its home country of Spain, including through its online store, which sells full-size 100g bottles of the flavoring product at €9.90 (10.04 USD).