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Morphogen confirms its interest in the hydration space with a sneak peek at its formula

Morphogen Nutrition Hydragen

The hydration category is becoming more like the plant protein, gaming, and energy drink spaces, with new sports nutrition brands bringing their take on it every week or so. We just saw Core Nutritionals introduce its premium and advanced competitor, Core Hydrate, packed full of quality electrolytes and proven performance ingredients, and now Morphogen Nutrition is confirming its interest in the increasingly competitive category.

The extremely reputable Morphogen Nutrition has shared a sneak peek at the facts panel below, which appears to be the formula behind its upcoming, dedicated hydration supplement Hydragen. Interestingly, the brand hasn’t combined it with additional performance and endurance-supporting ingredients as we’ve seen other sports nutrition brands, mainly making it about electrolytes and the primary benefit of hydration support.

Morphogen Nutrition Hydragen Label

Some of the key components in Morphogen Nutrition’s Hydragen include coconut water, potassium bicarbonate, pink Himalayan salt, and premium Aquamin marine-sourced minerals. It’s not clear how long it’ll take the brand to get Hydragen to market, as sometimes it can take a while to go from reveal or mention, to release. Either way, Morphogen has not only confirmed its interest but shared the formula fans can look forward to experiencing.