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Chocolate Berry and Salted Caramel join the menu of the Custard Plant Protein Bar

Mucsle Nation Chocolate Berry Custard Plant Protein Bar

Muscle Nation in Australia has dropped two new flavors for the vegan-friendly spin-off of its soft, smooth, and sweet Custard Protein Bar with the Custard Plant Protein Bar. The product features a similar build to the original with a thick base, a custard-like layer across the top, some sort of flavorful gooey filling, then all covered in a hard chocolate outer layer.

Muscle Nation’s Custard Plant Protein Bar debuted in two flavors, Banana Toffee and Chocolate Hazelnut; now, beginning this month, there are two more. The first is Salted Caramel featuring a caramel fudge base, salted caramel custard, gooey caramel, toffee pieces, and a dark chocolate coating. Then you have Chocolate Berry with a raspberry fudge base, chocolate custard, berry jam, dark chocolate outer, and dusted in coconut.

Muscle Nation does a great job at making its Custard Protein Bar, both regular and plant-based, look like quite the enjoyable treat, and that continues in its new vegan-friendly Salted Caramel and Chocolate Berry. The brand plans on launching the products through its online store later this month at its usual price of $55 (37.59 USD) for a box of 12 bars.