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Something citrusy is coming soon to PVL’s advanced Gold Series

Mutant Squeeze Of The Day

PVL is another big-name brand getting ready to release something significant and exciting, although it is not giving away all that many hints or clues. The long-running Canadian company has shared the teaser image above featuring a PVL athlete squeezing an orange and alongside that are the words “squeeze the day” and the brand’s “Gold Series” logo.

As mentioned, PVL has not provided many hints or clues for its mysterious new product or products, but there is still enough for us to speculate. We suspect the citrusy fruit at the center of the teaser is there as we’re getting some sort of citrusy recipe or orange flavor, and it is going to be for one or more of the supplements in PVL’s advanced Gold Series.

There are a good amount of products in that Gold Series, including the packed-out pre-workout Domin8, the premium protein powder ISO Gold, and the amino-cocktail EAA + BCAA Complete. We’re guessing it’ll be a citrusy flavor for Domin8, as fruity tastes tend to be what you get for supplements like pre-workouts; however, there certainly could be more.

Whatever the mystery flavor, family of flavors, or series of products turns out to be, it’s all going to be revealed by PVL shortly, so be sure to stay tuned. The brand will be attending this year’s Arnold Sports Festival in the UK, taking place this weekend, which this teaser could be leading into. We’ll be at the event and will make sure we share any news if we spot some.

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