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Naughty Boy reveals the robust formula powering its pack-style joint supplement

Naughty Boy Flexin

Naughty Boy recently revealed the comprehensive formula behind its upcoming daily health supplement Life Pac, which is a part of its all-new Prime Series. That is indeed a series and won’t just consist of Life Pac, with the reliable UK brand following that product’s details with information on another entry in the collection; the comprehensive joint support supplement, Flexin’.

The upcoming Flexin’ from Naughty Boy’s Prime Series will be a robust competitor for the specialist joint health category, truly bringing together a powerhouse combination of ingredients. The daily health and wellness product has all of the usual suspects for joint support in glucosamine at 1.5g a serving and half a gram of chondroitin, although, as mentioned, this is a comprehensive supplement, and that’s far from where the formula ends.

Naughty Boy Flexin Label

Also packed into Naughty Boy’s Flexin’ is 750mg of cissus, 250mg of Aquamin minerals, 40mg of UC-II type II collagen, a gram of vitamin C, another gram of fish oil, and to further help with joint mobility, 200mg of hyaluronic acid, 100mg of premium ApresFlex, and 200mg of CurcumPrime curcumin. To top it all off, BioPerine black pepper is in there to improve absorption.

As you can see, similar to Life Pac, Naughty Boy has squeezed a laundry list of ingredients into its Prime Series Flexin’ to completely support joint health. The brand is tackling the category from multiple angles, with components for joint lubrication and comfort, joint mobility, general joint and cartilage health, and antioxidant support thanks to the hefty dose of vitamin C.

Like Life Pac, Flexin’ is due to launch sometime soon, and since it is a part of the Prime Series, it will have the same sort of branding as the multivitamin, as you can see in the image above. The joint support supplement will have 30 servings per pack, each of those servings individually packaged into pouches of seven pills, and it is intended to be taken every day.