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Naughty Boy Menace Review: Effective and tough to beat at its price point

Naughty Boy Menace Review

Most of the time, we review advanced, premium pre-workouts with products like Thavage Legend, Apollon Nutriton’s Lionheart, and Pre Jym X. We prefer to try the best the market has to offer, push the boundaries, and take things as far as we can supplement-wise. Every now and then, there is the need to go for something simpler, and that is what we have for you today with our review of Naughty Boy’s Menace.

Naughty Boy has not changed the formula for Menace since its debut years ago as the UK brand’s first-ever product. Its ingredients aren’t anything we haven’t seen before, nor are the dosages. There are many good reasons to grab a mainstream pre-workout like Menace, whether you’re on a budget or just looking for a toned-down experience; either way, since we’ve been using it here and there over the last several months, we wanted to share our experience.

Naughty Boy Menace Review


Considering the price range it is competing in, Naughty Boy’s Menace is a strong entry in the saturated pre-workout category. It isn’t as comprehensive or complete as the premium supplements we commonly review here at Stack3d, but for how much it costs, there aren’t many we’ve had firsthand that are as well-rounded, highly effective, and while it’s not something we typically care about, it does taste great.

Menace delivers incredibly well in two areas, and they are energy and focus. The stimulating side of the Naughty Boy supplement has a substantial energy kick, more than you’d expect from its amount of caffeine and other stimulants in there. That energy also comes with an elevated level of mental focus, hitting you with a potent physical drive, and tunnel vision to match.

The energy in Naughty Boy’s Menace does gradually calm after the initial kick but maintains enough strength for it to be noticeable through until the end of your workout. There is a mild increase in pumps, with a touch more fullness and better efficiency to help get a good pump going. There isn’t much performance or endurance support where you’d feel you have more in the tank or better strength and reps because of the pre-workout; again, the energy and focus are certainly the stars of the show.

Naughty Boy Menace Review


Directly through Naughty Boy’s website and before any discount, Menace costs £34.99 for a tub of 30 maximum servings, and that’s the main point we’re trying to make here. The product doesn’t compare to the growing number of premium pre-workouts and their complete, powerhouse experiences in the gym, but if, for whatever reason, your budget is in that £30 realm, you really can’t go wrong with Menace.

As mentioned, the performance in Naughty Boy’s Menace is tough to notice, and the pumps aren’t much to write home about; the energy and focus, however, are more than worth the cost. It hits hard and elevates energy and focus as much as some pre-workouts priced £20 more, so if you’re looking in this range, you’ll get your money’s worth in Menace, and it’s an excellent stimulant base if you’re a pre-workout stacker.