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Due to an exclusive agreement Futureceuticals renames its focus ingredient Neurofactor

Neurofactor Now Cognatiq

Futureceuticals’ NeuroFactor is a clinically proven focus, cognition, and brain health ingredient that has more than made a name for itself in the sports nutrition industry. It’s been in the space for years, going all the way back to 2016 in supplements like MHP’s Reckless and PEScience’s pre-workout Prolific, with several appearances since then in more pre-workouts, nootropics, and even fat burners.

NeuroFactor coffee fruit extract has undergone a change this year that is well worth highlighting, especially with many recent releases reflecting the shift. Moving forward, Futureceuticals is using a different name for NeuroFactor; however, the ingredient itself and all of its benefits are the same. The research-backed NeuroFactor is now called CognatiQ, as seen in the likes of Like A Pro’s Pump & Focus V3.

Futureceuticals has made the change due to an exclusive customer agreement, so for any completely new supplements relying on NeuroFactor and its benefits, they’ll be listing it on their facts panels as CognatiQ coffee fruit extract. As mentioned, Like A Pro’s sequel pre-workout Pump & Focus V3 is one of the first products reflecting that change with 100mg of CognatiQ, although obviously, there will be more to follow.