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Popular fat burner Ripped Freak is getting a stimulant-free spin-off

Ripped Freak Pm Stimulant Free

PharmaFreak has taken its original hit supplement, the stimulant-powered fat burner Ripped Freak, in many different directions over the years with the likes of Ripped Freak Pre-Workout and, more recently, the stimulant-focused Ripped Freak Red Label. While we are still waiting on the complete reveal of Achilles Freak, the legacy brand has begun teasing another upcoming product, and it’s another Ripped Freak spin-off.

To continue its year of releases, PharmaFreak has shared the first look at its stimulant-free Ripped Freak supplement, Ripped Freak PM. There is no description or anything like that, although we could probably speculate based on the pieces we have. The “PM” suggests it is for use at night rather than during the day, and as mentioned, it is stimulant-free, leaving us to assume Ripped Freak PM is built to support weight loss while you sleep.

If you’re a regular reader of Stack3d and a follower of PharmaFreak, you’ll know the brand likes to drip-feed bits of information, and that is what we expect for Ripped Freak PM. PharmaFreak has obviously revealed the name of the fat-burning product, and if this goes the way most of its releases have this year, next, we’ll see a brief description or list of highlights, followed by a launch through the brand’s official online store.