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Swebar follows on from ProPud and releases a Popcorn flavor of its protein bar

Popcorn Swebar

NJIE recently released an intriguing new flavor for its ProPud Series protein bar named Crunchy Popcorn. It is a combination of vanilla, roasted corn kernels, and milk chocolate, making for quite the experience. It turns out, NJIE isn’t the only Swedish functional food company with popcorn on the mind; only a couple of weeks later, Swebar has come out with something along the same lines.

Swebar is the maker of the popular protein snack of the same name, and its latest flavor creation is called Popcorn. Like the Crunchy Popcorn ProPud Protein Bar, the Popcorn Swebar has a flavor combination of popcorn and milk chocolate. It is also a collaboration, as it’s been put together in partnership with Sweden’s National Handball Team, and it has the sport’s name on the front of its label.

You get Swebar’s typical amount of protein per bar at 16.5g, with the rest of the numbers not confirmed but expected to be around 23g of carbohydrates, the majority of that sugar, 6g of fat, and 220 calories.

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