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Powerful combines arginine and a low 400mg of citrulline malate for a simple capsule formula

Powerful Arginine

Powerful Nutrition is mostly known for its nutrition products such as the Powerful Protein Shake, Protein Bites, Protein Oatmeal, and Protein Smoothie. It does, however, go outside of that and into common sports nutrition supplements with the pump formula N.O.XT, the self-explanatory Pre-Workout, and this week it’s introduced a mostly standalone product featuring an ingredient we definitely do not see as much as we used to.

Powerful Nutrition has rolled out Powerful L-Arginine, and it is indeed an arginine-based formula. Every two capsule serving of the supplement provides 800mg of arginine from arginine AKG and arginine HCl, with an incredibly low 400mg of citrulline malate. As mentioned, it’s been some time since we’ve seen arginine in a pump product as this promotes itself, and the citrulline is another rarity compared to the 6g dosages we usually see.

Considering what you get in Powerful L-Arginine, the price Powerful Nutrition has on the supplement directly through its website is expensive at $25.99. That is for a bottle of 30 servings and is also not far off the price of Ghost Pump at $32 (with coupon “LEGEND”), which has been our number one rated pump pre-workout since launch and comes with a whole lot more than Powerful L-Arginine including 6g of pure citrulline.