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Promera combines Con-Cret and Testofen for its first hybrid creatine supplement

Promera Sports Con Cret Test

The first supplement in Promera Sports’ massive expansion has been revealed, and it seems as though the brand known for its hit creatine HCl product, Con-Cret, is going in the direction we suspected. Last month Promera teased the names of four new supplements, including Con-Cret + Test, which we guessed would be a combination of creatine HCl and a testosterone-boosting formula.

Promera Sports Con-Cret + Test has been completely unveiled, and it does indeed bring together Con-Cret creatine HCl at 750mg per serving, and a premium, patented ingredient to naturally boost testosterone. The component the brand has gone with to support the testosterone side of Con-Cret + Test is Testofen fenugreek, dosed at a solid 600mg and proven to elevate testosterone levels.

Promera Sports Con Cret Test Label

Con-Cret + Test is basically Con-Cret capsules plus Testofen fenugreek, although the price of the hybrid supplement is significantly higher. A bottle of 72 servings of Con-Cret capsules is $29.99 through Promera Sports’ online store, while Con-Cret + Test is $10 more at $39.99, and it has less than half the servings at 30. To give you a better idea of the difference in value, the Testofen-infused Con-Cret + Test works out to a bit over three times the price per serving.

As mentioned, you can grab Con-Cret + Test first directly through Promera Sports’ online store at $39.99 a bottle. The hybrid approach of combining creatine HCl with Testofen to boost testosterone is intriguing, although definitely keep that cost in mind. It is quite the leap from a bottle of Con-Cret capsules, and again there is a drop in servings with Con-Cret + Test having enough for a typical month.