Fan involvement proves instrumental in the development of Redcon1 Energy

Redcon1 Fan Involvement

As we eagerly await the launch of Redcon1’s highly-anticipated energy drink, simply named Redcon1 Energy, we reached out to the two-time Brand Of The Year about the approach it took for the beverage. As mentioned in our post breaking down the main features of the product, it was near the end of last year that Redcon1 put out a survey asking fans what they would like to see in an energy drink from the brand.

We have seen sports nutrition and functional brands ask their followers for suggestions and feedback, although Redcon1’s approach got even more interesting when it put out the second round of questions. We asked the brand how much those surveys played a role in the creation of the upcoming Redcon1 Energy, launching next month in five flavors with no calories, alpha-GPC for focus, and 200mg of caffeine for energy.

Redcon1 President Eric Hart revealed that the responses received from its massive fanbase were incredibly instrumental and helped decide many features of the Redcon1 Energy drink. The size of the product, the types of flavors, and the functional ingredients were all driven by consumer and retail customer feedback. Hart mentioned things like added BCAAs and creatine were not a high priority for its fans, they care more for reliable energy and great taste, and you can see that reflected in the beverage.

Involving fans in the process seems to have pointed Redcon1 and Redcon1 Energy in a great direction as the product positions itself similar to other top competitors, with a versatile drink to support energy and focus whenever and wherever you need it. The promising energy drink from the sports nutrition powerhouse is rolling next month through the brand’s website as well as the likes of the retailer The Vitamin Shoppe.