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Mainstream giant Six Star separates its logo and simplifies its branding

Six Star Rebrand

Iovate’s sports nutrition giant Six Star has revamped its family of supplements with new branding for 2022, as well as tweaked its logo, giving the line a fresh new look and feel. You can see what one of the products looks like after its makeover in the image above, with Six Star switching to a slightly simpler design that still carries a lot of information on its face but not as much going on in the background.

If you look carefully at the top of the rebranded Six Star supplement in the above picture, you can also see the brand’s new logo, which has been simplified just like the branding, but in its own somewhat different way. Six Star’s refreshed logo divides its signature star and title into two separate graphics, with the star now sitting in the middle of the number “6” and then the words “Six Star” are directly below it.

The Six Star revamp certainly brings with it many changes to the mainstream sports nutrition brand, although the team has done a great job still making it feel like Six Star. That is all helped by several of the supplements from the brand remaining the same and keeping their names such as the balanced Pre-Workout Explosion, the capsule formula Pre-Workout NO Fury, and the protein powder Whey Protein Plus.