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Storm separates its amino by enhancing absorption with Velositol and AstraGin

Storm Lifestyle Revive

When we reintroduced the newly branded Storm Lifestyle last year, it had three supplements available, all named after their primary goal or category. There is the pre-workout simply named Pre-Workout, the nootropic Focus, and the weight loss product Burn. To start the month of September, Storm has added the first new supplement to its lineup since the relaunch, which is for another mainstream category.

Storm Lifestyle has introduced Revive, an amino cocktail combining a full spectrum of EAAs to support muscle recovery and a blend of electrolytes to improve hydration. The EAAs actually come in the form of the premium multi-amino Myo-Seq blend, included at 5g a serving, plus an additional 6 of BCAAs. The brand has gone even further and packed in 2g of taurine, a gram of coconut water for further hydration support, and full dosages of Velositol and AstraGin to greatly improve the uptake of the aminos.

Storm Lifestyle Revive Label

Revive is quite a complex competitor in the amino category, with Storm Lifestyle really mixing things up. The combination of BCAAs or EAAs and electrolytes is the usual style of formula we see from sports nutrition brands. However, the growing brand sets itself apart by not only utilizing the premium Myo-Seq blend but also enhancing everything with the inclusion of proven absorption enhancers, Velositol and AstraGin.

Storm Lifestyle’s first new supplement since Pre-Workout, Focus, and Burn is available first through its online store at, and being a fairly advanced competitor, Revive does cost more than your typical amino cocktail at $39.99. The product is available in two fruity flavor options to start with Wicked Wild Berry and Gnarly Grape, and has less than the usual 30 servings a tub at 20.