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Svenskt Kosttillskott makes breakfast more convenient in its latest functional item

Svenskt Kosttillskott Core Frukost Bar

Core Frukost Bar is the latest innovation from the Swedish sports nutrition and active lifestyle company Svenskt Kosttillskott. Both of those names translate to something more obvious, with Svenskt Kosttillskott meaning Swedish Food Supplement and Core Frukost Bar being Swedish for Core Breakfast Bar. The brand’s new product is precisely that, a balanced and nutritious bar to start your day strong.

Svenskt Kosttillskott’s all-new Core Frukost Bar features an oat base alongside milk protein to give it a strong amount of protein in that morning window, cocoa butter, oligofructose, and freeze-dried blueberries. The macros of the on-the-go item start with 19g of protein in a fairly sizeable 75g bar, an almost equal 20.5g of carbohydrates with a low 3.3g of that sugar, 15g of fiber, 10.2g of fat, and 257 calories.

Core Frukost Bar is, again, built to replace your typical breakfast, bringing together common breakfast ingredients like oats, milk, and blueberries, into a grab-and-go bar. The product is out now in Sweden and only comes in one flavor at the moment with Blueberry Vanilla, with those freeze-dried blueberries providing a nice and refreshing fruity taste, and it has sweet white chocolate chips in the mix.