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Viking Power releases a limited flavor of its pre-workout in a massive 80 serving tub

Viking Power Thors Mjolner 2kg

Thor’s Hammer Mjölner is the flagship pre-workout from Swedish sports nutrition company Viking Power, a house brand of the reputable retailer MM Sports. It features a comprehensive formula powered by several reliable ingredients, including a hefty 5g of beta-alanine for performance, 2g of betaine, a moderate 3g of citrulline malate, and as always, 300mg of caffeine for energy.

Like many pre-workouts, Viking Power’s Thor’s Hammer Mjölner, or more simply, Thor’s Hammer, comes with 20 servings per tub. To celebrate MM Sports turning 20 years old, the brand has put together a special edition flavor and size of that Viking Power pre-workout. The flavor is the all-new Lemon Rive, and the size is an absolutely massive 2kg, which is four times the regular tub.

As you’d expect, Viking Power’s celebratory Thor’s Hammer packing a huge 80 servings, is more cost-effective than the standard 20 serving, although not by much. The price of the standard Thor’s Hammer is 279 kr (35.32 USD), while the giant limited-time alternative is 999 kr (88.42 USD), saving you around 10%

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