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Ever-present Nitrosigine gets a standalone product in Alpha Lion’s Gains Candy Series

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Nitrosigine

Most simple, single-ingredient supplements out there are your typical bulk items like creatine monohydrate, glutamine, BCAAs, and sometimes more health-orientated items like fish oil and individual vitamins. Alpha Lion does things a bit differently in its Gains Candy Series, where it has a bunch of standalone products, but they aren’t anything common; in fact, they’re all premium, branded ingredients you’ll rarely find separately.

Alpha Lion is expanding its gradually growing Gains Candy Series this week with a single-ingredient supplement we don’t recall ever seeing before, and it is something you can find in most pre-workouts. The reputable brand has taken the premium, pump-enhancing Nitrosigine and put it in capsule format. The product packs Nitrosigine’s full dose of 1.5g in each of its three capsule servings, of which you get 21 in a full-size bottle.

While Nitrosigine is almost present in every major pre-workout, Alpha Lion’s new self-titled Gains Candy Nitrosigine gives you the ability to add it to anything that’s missing the pump-supporting component. Directly from the brand’s website, the supplement will cost you $34.99, and there are discounts on bulk bundles, where the product drops to $31.49 each for two and $29.74 for four or if you jump on a monthly subscription.