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Nootropic Clarity returning in 10 days in a new format and featuring NooLVL and EnXtra

Arms Race Nutrition Flavored Clarity

Currently, if you head to Arms Race Nutrition’s online store, you’ll see that its nootropic supplement Clarity, introduced back in early 2020, is no longer listed. The product is, however, due to return shortly in a different format and with what sounds like an improved combination of ingredients, although the original formula was already fairly well-put-together.

Arms Race Nutrition has revealed Clarity is making its long-awaited return in about ten days on Monday, the 24th of this month, with one of the first changes being that it won’t be in capsules. The reputable brand is moving the supplement to a flavored powder format, and there will be two fruity options when it eventually arrives in Lemon Rush and Very Berry Cherry.

The goal of the all-new and upcoming Clarity is still to comprehensively support mental focus and cognition with an advanced blend of ingredients, but again, that formula won’t be the same as the original. Arms Race Nutrition has shared a few of the key ingredients that will be in the product, including the premium components NooLVL, EnXtra, and the study-backed Sabroxy, as well as bacopa, which was already in Clarity.

Arms Race Nutrition has already had an impressive year, launching several completely new supplements, flavor extensions, and refreshed products, with an improved Clarity being a nice way to top it all off. We’ll share the formula for the revamped nootropic when it becomes available, and as mentioned, it is launching soon, so we’ll likely have that available soon.